Meta Tag Analyzer

The Meta Tag Analyzer tool allows you to see how search engines are using your website's meta tags. This tool will also help you to find out if there are any errors in your meta tags.

Preview Google Snippet Title has 580px Limit on Desktop The meta description is cut off at ~920 pixels on desktop and at ~980 pixels on mobile. Bing and Yahoo cut off the description at ~980 pixels.
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How does this tool work?

Step 1

Fetch the meta tags of your URL in real-time and visualize how they appear on search engines

Step 2

Preview & enhance your meta tags for better visibility on Desktop & Mobile devices

Step 3

Optimize your SEO title and description to avoid being truncated in search results

Step 4

Stand out in SERPs and boost your click-through rate

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Characters Can I Use in the Title Tag?

Consider the Title tag as a clickable headline for your page in search results that should compel searchers to click through.

The ideal length for the meta title is 50–60 characters and 580 pixels. Any longer, you’ll risk getting truncated, reducing the click-throughs.

How to Write a Good SEO Title?

Understand the psychology of your target audience and focus on writing a compelling title a searcher would want to click. Some well-known practices would include:

1. Use a number – Humans love lists. They’re easy to read and digest. That’s why titles that have a number are so effective.
2. Use a power word – Power words evoke emotion and compel people to read on and click through. Using them in your title makes you stand out from the competition.
3. Use a question – Question-based titles are great because they encourage people to click to find the answer. You don’t need to go overboard with it.

How Many Characters Can I Use in the Description?

The ideal length for a meta description is between 50-160 characters, while Google and other search engines would truncate them to ~ 155–160 characters, considering the 920 pixels limit.

So even if your meta description doesn’t exceed 160 characters, if it happens to exceed 920 pixels, Google will still truncate your description with an ellipsis.

How to Write a Good Meta Description?

Write a unique meta description that follows the best practices without leaving search engines to select on their own.

1. Use your target keyword(s) naturally and write with human readers in mind.
2. Summarize the content – describe the topics your content discusses.
3. The description should stimulate readers’ interest and get them to click on the article. Think of it as a mini-advert for your content.