Raven Tools Alternative

PagesMeter is a simple Raven Tools alternative. Here’s why you should consider switching…

PagesMeter Vs Raven Tools

Here’s why PagesMeter might be a better alternative.

PagesMeter Raven Tools
Free Trial
SEO RealTime Monitoring
SEO Auditing
SEO Alerting
Pages Monitoring
Sitemap Monitoring
Site Availability
Google Web Vitals
Page Performance Monitoring
CSV Export
Easy-to-understand metric
Easy-to-understand metric
  • Check mark Unified interface with all analyzable metrics and insights.
  • Check mark Simple pre-built visualizations and dashboard that are compelling, and informative.
  • Check mark Shareable metrics that are accessible to your entire team.
Simpler user interface
Simpler user interface
  • Check mark Keeping unnecessary complexity to a minimum so you can focus on only the valuable information, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Check mark Quickly set up PagesMeter thanks to its clean, simple interface.
  • Check mark You can monitor a set of pages based on the scheduled intervals.
Unbelievable pricing plan that fit any business size
Unbelievable pricing plan that fit any business size
  • Check mark Our goal is to make small business software affordable for small companies.
  • Check mark Scale with confidence, PageMeter offers advanced SEO auditing, real-time SEO monitoring and instant SEO alerts.
  • Check mark Starting with $14 per month with 3 page URLs, get your 1 free page URL today and see for yourself!
Reach the PagesMeter customer support team at any time
Reach the PagesMeter customer support team at any time
  • Check mark Our aim is to ensure that PagesMeter provides you with the best possible experience.
  • Check mark Every customer receives the same level of responsive and real human customer service.
  • Check mark Even a quick email or tweet will get you in touch with our team.

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