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Website Speed Monitoring Software

When you can get all site metrics from a single interface, it’s easy for your development team to identify and fix the issues. With PagesMeter, you have everything you need for better website speed monitoring, all in one place.

Page Monitoring

No one likes to wait longer. Slower the page loading, quicker will be the fall in the number of users of your site.

Ease of Use
Load performance of web pages can be monitored in minutes. To get started, just type in your URL and select the region from where the testing has to be done. PagesMeter will then monitor the site and report on the load time and performance based on your scheduled time.

Waterfall Graph
Shows very clearly the time taken for each step and each element like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Images of the page to load and the order just like a waterfall graph. The waterfall graph will provide you a step by step analysis of your site. It will note down the most problematic area of the page which will be useful when resolving the issues.

Performance Improvement
In order to optimize the performance of your website, make use of the size and load time of every step in the page. Identify the load times, file sizes and other elements in the web page that causes the page to slow down.

Uptime Monitoring

It is essential to ensure the availability and accessibility of your website to users across all businesses.

Multiple Testing Locations
Your users may come from different parts of the world. So, it is crucial to track your site to ensure that they are always ready and available to the users. PagesMeter will make your job easy by monitoring the availability of your site from several locations across the globe.


PagesMeter will notify you in case of any internal or external outages or connectivity issues in your sites and services. You can setup the notification by choosing one of the many integration options available. Receive alerts on the occurrence of an incident. Within a couple of minutes you can figure out the issue and resolve it immediately without delays. We support the following integrations
- Email
- Slack
- PagerDuty
- Webhooks

The features your business needs

Global monitoring

We monitor your services from all over the globe to ensure that all of your customers are enjoying the experience.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Integrate directly with the apps you use the most and receive notifications via Slack, PagerDuty, and Email.

E-mail Digests

Receive weekly performance reports in your inbox to stay informed, and highlight performance trends.

Beautiful reporting

Detailed monitor reporting highlights timing distribution, errors, geographical latency and more.

Invite teammates

Improve the workflow by sending the right notification to the team member at the right time.

API Functionality

Using the REST API, automate the interactions with PagesMeter.

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